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Dr. Lisa Leonard

Despite being an active kid, Dr. Lisa’s childhood was riddled with chronic ailments from ear infections to stomach problems. Growing up in a family using conventional medicine, she remembers being on prescription after prescription for her health issues, although no medicine ever seemed to truly help. 

Beginning to seek out alternative treatments, she took up yoga and more natural-based eating habits. In her late teens, Dr. Lisa found some relief, but continued to face the same recurring conditions.

As an undergraduate, she visited a naturopathic doctor. Skeptical, but intrigued, she followed the doctor’s advice and started to feel better. “I wasn’t 100% better, but I was learning. What I thought was healthy, and should have been helping me to get better, was actually causing my issues. Who would have known?” she explains.

The thing that most impressed Dr. Lisa during her visits with the naturopathic doctor was the time and care he took in her treatment. He worked with her to develop a treatment plan and explain why she would be following it. Dr. Lisa’s health continued to improve and six months after graduating with a bachelor’s in mathematics, Dr. Lisa began to pursue her own doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

Today, Dr. Lisa specializes in allergies, gastrointestinal issues, weight loss, and overall health and wellness. Her primary goal for her clients’ first visit is to have them understand that optimal health is not a quick fix. She reminds her clients, “Health is a unique step-by-step process of making the right choices.”

While conventional medications may offer quick relief, these methods only remedy the symptoms, ignoring the underlying causes. To create lasting benefits, we must work with our bodies to remove agitators and toxins and to determine what will aid the body in its natural healing processes.

Dr. Lisa works individually with each person, carefully studying their unique background, lifestyle and environment. Knowing how frustrating it can be to work on health problems or disease, Dr. Lisa acts as a support network and sounding board during your journey.

“You are going to fall off your path to wellness,” she explains. “I am here to help you get back up, get back on the path and stay focused on your journey.”

In her years as an ND, Dr. Lisa has noted the wide variance in people’s development. “Some steps will take longer. Some will be more difficult than the last. To get to where you want to go, health-wise, it doesn’t have to be a steady pace.”

Utilizing homeopathy, manual therapy, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, supplements and herbs, Dr. Lisa works with you to develop a wellness plan that is uniquely suited to you and your goals, helping you gain a sense of self-reliance and responsibility for your health. 

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