Patient Care Options

Naturally Healthy with Dr. Lisa offers a variety of patient care options.  For first-timers, we recommend beginning with an Initial Wellness Visit and continuing with intermittent Return Wellness Visits. Typically in-person visits are recommended for the first visit, but phone consultations may be offered for long-distance clients.

If a client simply wants to test the waters, or knows exactly what he or she wants, one of our other visit options may be appropriate. These include Acute or Condition-Specific Visits, Detoxification Consults, Weight Loss Consults, Elimination Diet Consults, Nutrition & Supplement Consultation, Lab Review, Hydrotherapy, NST or Reiki Treatment and Naso-sympatico Treatment. Refer to Adjunct Treatments and Services for more information.

House Calls are offered for the convenience of already established clients.  Fees vary depending on distance and time of day or night.

Grocery Store Walk Throughs are a helpful add-on to your initial visit to expand your knowledge of food choices and ingredients.  If you need help shopping for gluten- or dairy-free items that you’ll like at the grocery store, Dr. Lisa will accompany you to highlight appropriate choices and some of her personal favorite foods.  If you are a local business or school, Dr. Lisa also offers free lectures on various health and wellness topics.

Becoming a Regular Patient

Initial Wellness Visit 

Prior to this visit a patient will fill out our comprehensive intake form. At the Initial Wellness Visit the doctor will review the intake form, as well as any labs or pertinent medical documents.

The intake form can be mailed or downloaded from our website. This form provides a template to outline your health concerns and establish a thorough medical history.

During this initial visit the intake form will be reviewed to determine whether lab testing is appropriate. Literature will also be provided regarding general nutritional guidelines and other information related to specific health concerns. The length of this visit depends on the number of health conditions and complexity of the case.

Please allow two hours for first visit.  Free Parking is provided. 

Return Wellness Visits 

At this visit the doctor typically makes pertinent lifestyle recommendations, including personalized diet, stress reduction techniques, exercise routines, detoxification suggestions and possible lifestyle counseling. The first Return Wellness Visit is a follow up appointment to the Initial Wellness Visit and is usually the longest because of the amount of information to review. Return Wellness Visits thereafter, are much shorter and focus on fine-tuning your protocol and/or addressing new concerns.

Phone Consultations

While in-office visits are preferred, phone consultations are convenient and can substitute an Initial Wellness Visit, Return Wellness Visit or any of the shorter consult options listed below, with the exception of physical therapies. Phone consults are best suited to patients who live at a distance. 

Phone Consultation vs. Clarification of Treatment Plan 

There is no charge for phone calls to clarify treatment recommendations/instructions. However, if new conditions arise and case management is required, an office visit (or phone consultation) will be required and fees applied accordingly.

Other Visit Options

it is understood that our medical consulting care is paid out-of-pocket and some patients cannot afford long-term patient care. With that in mind, the following options are offered but an initial wellness visit is highly recommended so that an effective plan can be formed:

Acute or Condition-Specific Visits

During Acute or Condition-Specific Visits we focus on one health concern and ask the patient to fill out the following sections of the intake form listing their primary health concern, current medications, supplements and known allergies. Examples include colds & flus, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, skin rashes, infertility, migraine headaches, high cholesterol, and several others.

Because Naturopathic consulting focuses on whole person wellness, we highly recommend that patients go through our Initial Wellness Visit. Acute or specific-condition visits are for patients with financial concerns, or for those in need of immediate symptom management.

Detoxification Visit

During Detoxification Visits we review a patient’s current symptoms, medications and allergies and start a personalized detox protocol. The personalized detox protocol helps the body eliminate toxins more efficiently by supporting the pathways of elimination including the skin, digestive system, urinary system, lungs and lymphatic system. The detox is an out-patient treatment that does not require down time nor frequent trips to the bathroom. It is very tolerable and does not require extreme dietary restrictions or time off work.

Weight Loss Visit

During Weight Loss Visits our doctors determine the underlying cause of weight gain and provide tools to get those extra pounds off for good.

Required Initial Intake

Nutritional & Supplement Consultation

Dr. Lisa emphasizes the importance of nutrition during every visit; however, if nutritional advice is all that is desired, a one-on-one Nutritional & Supplement Consultation is the best choice. At the Nutritional & Supplement Consultation, our doctors review a patient’s current diet and recommend changes to help achieve goals. Patients are asked to bring any supplements they are taking so the doctors can assess dosing and quality based on biochemical individuality. Some patients opt to come in solely for professional review of their self-prescribed supplements. The doctor will ensure the patient is not under-dosing, over-dosing or unnecessarily taking supplements. Interactions among medications, supplements and foods are also discussed.

Nutritional Supplements

During the course of care, the doctors may recommend certain nutritional supplements as part of a treatment protocol. We offer high quality, professional- and physician-line supplements from our on-site dispensary. We provide this service as a convenience and assurance of quality control.

A visit to a Naturopathic Doctor is worth the time and effort. Patients are encouraged to be active participants in their health and to let the doctor be a teacher.  After all it is the patient, not the doctor, who ultimately creates healing.



Payment is due in full at the time of the visit. Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

Naturally Healthy requires cancellations for scheduled appointments 24 hours in advance during regular business hours (Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). We reserve the right to charge for missed or cancelled appointments. Charges are based on the allotted time at the rate of $120.00 per hour.


Most insurance coverage is limited to those states that offer licensure to Naturopathic Doctors. Currently Illinois is not a licensed state, and insurance reimbursement for services rendered by a Naturopathic Doctor are unlikely. However, as demand for complementary and alternative medicine increases, more insurers are providing coverage. It’s a good idea to call your insurance provider and inquire about Naturopathic medical coverage. Naturally Healthy does not bill insurance providers.

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