Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Water therapy has been documented as early as 4000 BC.  The development of specific protocols used in naturopathic medicine can be traced back to the work of Father Sebastian Kneipp, Henry Lindlahr, Benedict Lust and O.G. Carroll.

Hydrotherapy is considered a basic cornerstone of naturopathic medicine used to trigger the basic healing mechanisms of the body. Applications of hot or cold water, steams, cold friction rubs, tepid baths, and the alternating of these improve circulation to the desired area.

Constitutional hydrotherapy is the alternating applications of hot wet towels and cold wet towels and used for almost every condition. It allows you to direct and improve blood flow to specific areas of the body that need attention. Combined with appropriate dietary changes, herbal medicine and other naturopathic treatments, you can achieve a very powerful healing effect.

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Here’s what to expect: While you lie on your back on the table your bare chest and abdomen will be covered with two thicknesses of terry cloth dunked in comfortably hot water and wrung out. You’ll then be covered with a sheet and a woolen blanket to ward off the chills. After five minutes, the hot towels will be removed and replaced with a single thickness of towel dunked in cold water and wrung out, and you’ll be re-covered with the blanket. The cold towel will be left in place for ten minutes.

Finally, you’ll then be asked to turn over, and the same treatment will be repeated on your back. Often, sine wave electro stimulation (feels like a gentle squeeze and release of your muscles) will be applied to the back adjacent to the T7 region (near the base of the shoulder blades) and later to the area near L4 (lower back) and on the abdomen in the center of the solar plexus (above the belly button). This addition increases the strength of the treatment and is utilized on an individual basis.

This additional stimulation pumps the lymphatics in the abdomen, stimulates the nerves in the region that innervate the vital organs of the digestive tract, support elimination of waste matter and allows the body to go into a parasympathetic state, also known as the relaxation state and the state in which your body heals.

This is a non-invasive way to support the body’s healing processes. It has been clinically proven to detoxify the digestive tract, reduce inflammation and improve the composition of the circulating body.

Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments are commonly used for infection anywhere in the body, digestive disorders, skin conditions, childhood complaints, women’s disorders, fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, depression, asthma, thyroid, liver disease, stress disorders and to support the body during a cancerous process.

The protocol is recommended on an individual basis as well. Typically, treatments are 2 times a week for a period of time. An acute illness, or the early onset of cold/flu usually requires one or two treatments back to back. Otherwise, more chronic conditions usually require a series of 6 or 15 depending on the situation. Occasionally, for more severe cases, a few series of 15 are required. Simply stated, constitutional hydrotherapy “remakes the blood”. Once the blood is vitalized, normal metabolism follows and hence, health is restored.

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