The question is no longer are we toxic, it is how toxic are we.  We live in a polluted world, and there is a direct correlation between external pollution and pollution of the human body. Toxic food, air and water always cause toxicity of blood, tissues and cellular fluids. These toxic conditions become the breeding ground for disease and degeneration. A successful way to reverse any chronic disease or degenerative condition and prevent future health problems is by ridding the body of toxins that pollute the blood and tissues, attract germs and weaken resistance and immunity.

Naturally Healthy offers cleansing programs specifically to support the body's natural defense and cleansing processes. Detoxification assists the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, skin and lymphatic system which can become overwhelmed with toxins, waste, metabolic end-products, pathogens and heavy metals.

Detoxification of the body, its individual organs, tissues and cells, as well as of the mind and emotions, is of utmost importance in keeping a healthy and functioning body. If you’re often tired or struggle with ongoing aches or digestive issues, you might benefit from a cleansing program.  A cleansing program or detox restores energy and well-being. Just like scheduling regular oil changes for your car, nurturing your body with a periodic detox can help it to run more efficiently so that it supports you in accomplishing your goals. By encouraging the body to release substances that it normally doesn’t release, a detoxification diet can help relieve poor digestion, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, a dull spirit, rashes, eczema, acne, bad breath or joint pain.

Detoxification clears up the film in your organs, tissues and cells and gives the body and the mind a chance to recuperate and heal. As the body and mind detoxify, the majority of symptoms begin resolving.

Specific laboratory evaluations can be done to determine toxic build up. Environmental pollutants, heavy metal(s) and mold all require different metabolic support. As Naturopathic doctors, we will determine an individual’s specific needs and create a plan that ensures successful detoxification.

Metagenics Clear Change 10-Day Program

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