Healthy Aging & Preventive Medicine

Everyone needs a plan to stay healthy. We all try to follow the general guidelines to good health: eat well, exercise and rest. But every individual is unique, has specific biochemistry, genetic risks and requirements.

Some of the signs of pre-mature aging can include a decline in cognitive memory and concentration; fatigue, loss of performance and stamina; changes in posture, skin and hair; changes in metabolism with an increase in fat percentage; changes in smell, taste, hearing and vision; changes in breathing capacity, heart function and circulation; muscle atrophy; bone loss; age spots, to name a few.

A Functional Assessment is designed to identify the specific signs and symptoms of premature aging and reveal any signs of degeneration that could develop into future health problems. This would include a review of the pillars of health through laboratory analysis: a metabolic detoxification assessment profile (reviews kidney function, liver function and oxidative stress levels), an adrenal stress profile along with male/female hormone output, a review of cardiovascular health and immune health.

Improving the function and maintaining balance in the body systems will help your body age more gracefully. A guide will be individually designed for you to understand your bio-markers and teach you how you can help reverse the signs of premature aging and prevent future health problems.

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