Neurostructural Integrative Technique

NST is a remarkably effective Spinal Integration technique developed by Michael Nixon-Livy from Australia. When applied to the body NST stimulates a rapid and profound reduction in pain while quickly increasing energy levels and stimulating better health.


Once applied, the typical response of the body to NST is to deeply relax which is followed by a spontaneous self-correction (auto-regulation) and recalibration process, that is mediated primarily via the muscular, nervous, visceral and endocrine systems.

The process of auto-regulation may take anywhere from one to five days to be fully complete after which NST is applied for the second time.

Depending on results achieved after the second application, further sessions may or may not be necessary.

Soft Tissue Osteopathy

Statistically approximately 85% of individuals receiving NST report significant or total resolution of their health condition after two or three NST sessions.

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